Garage Pressure

Garage Pressure Bio

Garage Pressure is a Sydney-based duo of DJs, radio hosts and promoters, which was formed in 1999 by DJs Farj and Paul Fraser. Farj and Paul were the first DJs to pioneer the sounds of UKG, 2-step, breakstep, grime and dubstep in Australia, and they have remained true international visionaries of the sounds of the UK sounds since the late 90s. Over the years, Garage Pressure would become a vital hub in the expansion of the worldwide dubstep movement.

From 2002 – 2008, Garage Pressure promoted the first breakstep and dubstep nights in Australia, as their nights Darksyde and Aquarium played early host to artists as diverse as Zed Bias, Kode9, Oris Jay, Lombardo, Quiet Storm, Mala, Benga, Skream, Pinch, N-Type, Caspa, Vex’d, Distance, Joker and Loefah. Farj and Paul’s vision was years ahead of their contemporaries, and they were among the earliest heads to break the burgeoning dubstep sound outside of the UK.

In 2005, Garage Pressure were recognised for their sonic achievements with a prominent Friday night slot on Sydney’s revered FBI Radio station. Their show has played host to a who’s who of guest mixes – from Loefah and Scuba to MJ Cole - and their weekly podcasts receive a strong worldwide following, thousands of downloads per week and many thousands more tuning live on 945.FM.

Heavily influenced by their long-running experience as forward-thinking DJs, radio hosts and promoters, Garage Pressure’s knowledge of the UK sound backgrounded the formation of the duo’s brainchild, Aquatic Lab Records. Formed in 2006, it is Australia’s first dubstep label, and is recognised globally as one of the earliest international pundits of the sound, during what proved to be a crucial stage in the growth and development of the worldwide dubstep movement.

Aquatic Lab boasts an adventurous back catalogue which includes foundational releases from legendary producers Caspa & Rusko, Zed Bias, Cotti, Seven, Truth, and Cluekid. The label’s repertoire also extends to notable appearances by Ben Verse, Moving Ninja, and Spherix. Aquatic Lab was also the incubator of experimental composer Paul Jebanesam aka Moving Ninja, who has clocked highly influential releases on Tectonic and Vertical Sound. Quintessentially, Aquatic Lab has played a vital role in the development of the next wave of upcoming producers on the verge of crossover success.

Over the years, Aquatic Lab has found a comfortable niche inside the record bags of essential tastemakers such as Youngsta, N-Type, Skream, Mala, Benga, Joe Nice and Chef.