Social Circles

Q. Who are the people behind the label?

Jason Kaye (Top Buzz, Garage Nation and UKG) and Sticky (Da Ill Kidz, Fyrus and Mr Forbes) are the two partners in the label, they are known both for DJing, producing and promoting their own events. Eleanor Williams is the label manager (Organiser for the UK Garage Awards) and Jemma Williams is the company’s researcher.

Q. Where is the Label based?

We are now based in Deptford, South East London but originally hale from North London.

Q. What styles of music do we cover and where is the label heading?

The label has always been dance orientated with UK Garage being the dominate genre. 2002 saw us venturing into new fields such as hip hop and R&B both with releases and various remix projects. In 2003, we will still be sticking with UK Garage and R&B but we have several hip hop and Drum n Bass tracks scheduled for release. Ultimately, Social Circles is a record label that doesn’t want to be genre specific; we just want to carry on making and releasing tunes that are ahead of the rest.

Q. Has Social Circles made any inroads overseas?

2002 was the first year we began promoting our tunes to the European market by supplying key specialist DJ’s. With the advent of the World Wide Web, it has allowed the SC sound and message to break from our traditional market. With websites such as yourselves worldwide (Russia, Netherlands and Japan) it takes SC to another level. Hopefully, now our website, is selling tunes direct we will be able to create a demand for product, and then we can possibly get distribution deals in other markets.

Q. What pitfalls have you encountered in the process of establishing yourselves as one of the best UKG labels?

The biggest pitfall is trying to cross from being an underground a label to achieving mainstream success without diluting the music. All of the people behind the label are very committed to the music we release; we have all been in the dance music scene for over 10 years and have seen the music progress from Hip House and Acid to UKG and Breakbeat. The way we stay ahead of the game is by keeping aware of all new trends, knowing what the kids want to hear and how they feel has allowed us to avoid the pitfalls of losing the underground support.

Q. What has been the most successful release on the label?

Our most successful release to date has been Triplets; it’s sold thousands upon thousands. In terms of mainstream recognition, ‘Booo!’ – Sticky feat. Ms Dynamite is our highest national chart placing.

What releases are in the pipeline?

Our next single releases are ‘Shott the Weed’ – Surgery feat. Mr BiggShott and Kele Le Roc – ‘Things We Do’. We are also working on the Donae’o / Mr Fidjet album and $tush album which is SC produced is out in the autumn on GO! Beat.

Q. What can we expect from Social Circles in the future?

More quality tunes and more club promotions. Lots of new artists and a possible Internet TV or Radio Station. We’ll let you know!

Q. What advice can you give to young producers looking to get a break in the industry?

Stay focused, know what you want and you market and make good songs.

Q. Do you think any Australian garage track could get respect from London?

Yes, if the music is good.

Q. Any Shouts

To everyone supporting the UKG and Social Circles sound…….big up YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q. Can you give us a rundown of the whole back –catalogue? See attached document

Released 7th Apr
Kele Le Roc – Things We Do
Surgery feat. Mr. Bigg$hot – Shott the Weed

Triplets & Triplets 2
Mission 5
More Weed – Surgery
Troubled/Break Up – Tag Team
UK Raver/Kinetic – Dexplicit
Stuck 2 Da Floor/Dub
Triplets 3/Warriddem
Pacman/Golly Gosh
Ganjaman - Tubby T
I'm on the Mic/ - Viper (Dub)
My Phil/Bounce – Donae’o

Coming Soon
Shut Your Mouth – Simon Sez
Begging 2 Stay - J Dub
Golly Gosh Vocal/Dub – Simon Sez