Garage Pressure Launch March 27th 1999

A night on London Garage and Essential Breaks

This was Garage Pressure's first promotion event and we were proud to host one of UK's finest Garage DJ's - DJ Kiddo. This tour was so successful that Kiddo returned in the Spring and toured all the major Australian cities. Furthermore his track "Lover" was signed to Australia's own Tinted records. We were mostly playing Speed Garage back then and it was the inspiration of a touring DJ (Tony Carlton), who left a tape behind for us at this event, that opened our ears to the 2-step sound. 

DJ's on the night were:
DJ Kiddo (UK)
Farj                          Pete Mac
Paul Fraser                Tumble
Emme                       Ritual
Blaze                        Derwent vs. AWIX

Garage Pressure @ essential March-May 2000

This was Sydney's and maybe Australia's first regular UK only club night. Essential saw residents (Pete Mac, Farj and Paul Fraser) as well as guest DJ's each week playing quality UK and US Garage. Highlights included the "Garage Class" CD Launch from Tinted records and the great feedback we received from all that came down. Almost 12 months after our first event and almost all our new music in the 2-step format, essential was another milestone for Garage Pressure. 

Guest DJ's over various weeks included:
Hayden Keys, Declan and Tim McGee
Malcom Russell (House Solution, Delicious and others)
Jules Beaumont (HOME)
Aaron Sines (various)
DJ Storm (UK)

Radio Dex 96.9 FM test transmission - June-July 2000

Hosted By Dj Farj and Tumble, Radio Dex allowed Garage Pressure to reach the ears of many that may have not heard the UK sounds before. With a huge transmission footprint, we received so many calls of support from up to 50Km's out from the CBD! Radio Dex is a full-time community licence aspirant and we wish then all the best the next round of ABA considerations. August 2000 to present

One of the worlds Top 10 UK garage sites and Australia's No 1 portal dedicated to garage music. Garage Pressure dot com came about by our recognition that the Internet was the best way to build and maintain the kind of networking needed for the development of UK Garage in Australia. Continually updated with a regular newsletter, has been more successful than we ever imagined.

Blue Print - Various Thursday's in  July-August-October

Sydney's premier D&B and Breaks night

DJ Farj spotted spinning it up big at the Globe over various Thursdays with great support from the regular DJ's, promoters and crowds. These events really showed how diverse the UK Garage/2-step sound is and how well it goes down with Drum and Bass and Breakbeat crowds. These nights were further enhanced by the versatile and talented DJ's Q45, Kid Kenobi and Ritual,  playing 2-step all night long!

Garage Pressure @ SOHO August-October 2000


A regular Sunday night at the SOHO bar and lounge, this was our 2nd regular club event and showcased the up and coming talents of DJ Tumble and Paul Fraser (especially when Farj was in the UK in September). A laid back and comfortable environment, the SOHO lounge provided a great venue for the more soulful side of garage music and the legendary "Sunday sound". We look forward to putting on another Sunday night event like SOHO really soon.

True Step @ Revolver Melbourne 10th December  2000

True Step
was Garage Pressure's first interstate set, hosted by UK Garage honchos in Melbourne, James Ash and Rob P. Situated in the Revolver club on Chapel Street, the venue, crowd and atmosphere really captured the true garage experience. United, True Step and Garage Pressure demonstrated that the UK garage sound is truly a national thing. We were also fortunate to meet the Queen of garage in Melbourne DJ Erica and up and coming DJ Mike Lake. Big Ups to all the Melbourne crew and we look forward to having them up in Sydney soon.


Eli from the famous 'Marvel + Eli' special guest on Rhythm FM 
18th of December 2000

We were proud to have Eli from the production team 'Marvel and Eli' on our radio show on the 18th of December. A legend of the Garage scene in London and a talented musician, producer and DJ, Eli gave us some great insights into what is happening in the UK and also dropped a few tunes with us. Overall this was the best radio program we have conducted to date and a great high to finish the year on. We look forward to seeing Eli back in the new year! Big ups to Mike Lake from Melbourne for arranging things behind the scenes.

Including remixes by Eli 

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